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The beginning of Singapore-China Exchange Network and Nanyang Institute of Management

On May 27, 2024, the SG-CN Network Exchange association was officially inaugurated at Nanyang Institute of Management. Fifty guests from the association were invited to witness the event, which was chaired by Qi Kui Sheng, Executive President of SG-CN Network Exchange association.

                                                                         Qi Kui Sheng, Executive President of SG-CN Network Exchange

SG-CN Network Exchange is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore. Dr. Wu Wei, the founder president of the association, said in his speech that the cultivation of talents is an important work of our association, so the establishment of a talent base for cultivation is of great significance in enhancing the quality of the association, promoting the growth of talents and advancing the development of the exchange between New China and China. Singapore is ranked first in the global human capital index and has rich experience in talent cultivation, which is worth promoting and learning from.

The establishment of the Association’s talent base will be able to unite the rich resources of our Association in both Singapore and China to cultivate the various talents required by the times.

                                                                                                            Speech by President Wu Wei

Dr. Zhang Xuwei, President of Nanyang Institute of Management and Vice President of SG-CN Exchange Network’s Education Member, said in his speech that Nanyang Institute of Management is committed to cultivating the employability of its students, building the internationalization of the school, bridging the distance between enterprises and students, and enhancing the satisfaction of students and employees. In the future, the school will pay more attention to the communication and exchange with enterprises, so that enterprises and students can understand each other better, solve the recruitment problems of enterprises, and promote the employment channels of students. The SG-CN Network Exchange is an important platform for the exchange between Singapore and China, gathering all kinds of outstanding elites from Singapore and China. The talent base is located in Nanyang Institute of Management, which will give full play to the strengths of the education aspects and lay a solid foundation for the future development.


Speech by Dr. Zhang Xuwei, President of Nanyang Institute of Management and Vice President of SG-CN Exchange Network’s Education Member

In the presence of 50 guests of the Association, President Wu Wei led the Association’s Executive Director, Vice President and Secretary General to unveil the talent base of the Association

Unveiling of the Talent Base, from left to right, Dr. Zhang Yuan Tian, Executive Chairman of the Association, Dr. Li Guojun, Secretary General, Qi Kuisheng, Executive Chairman, Dr. Wu Wei, President, Dr. Zhang Xuwei, President of Nanyang Institute of Management, Mr. Li Ruiwu, Executive Vice President, Mr. Wang Fengyu, Vice President and Mr. Wang Wei, Vice President

At the same time, Dr. Wu Wei as chairman of the Academic Committee, introduced and employed the first batch of business mentors, these outstanding mentors are professors of the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, but also the earliest immigrants to Singapore’s new immigrant entrepreneurial excellence on behalf of the co-founders of China’s top companies, as well as the founders of the family office in Singapore and the founders of Singapore’s large funds, as well as the top law firms in Singapore.

There are also co-founders of top Chinese companies, founders of family offices and large funds in Singapore, lawyers from top law firms in Singapore and excellent financial experts who help enterprises to land on the ground. The joining of these people has injected a stream of fresh blood into the future development of Nanyang Institute of Management and the development of the talent base of the SG-CN Exchange Network, and these business mentors will not only enable the current Nanyang students to gain a different vision of the enterprise, but also push the new immigrant entrepreneurs who come to NIM to study in NIM to These business mentors will not only enable Nanyang students to gain a different corporate vision, but will also promote the rapid integration of new immigrant entrepreneurs studying at Nanyang Institute of Management into the local community and make a real contribution to SG-CN exchange.

Qi Kuisheng, Executive Director of THIT Singapore and Senior Researcher of Guohong Think Tank; Prof. Zhou Weiguo, Professor of National University of Singapore; Prof. Wu Wei, Founding Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration of Nanyang Technological University (Nanyang Technological University), popularly known as the “Mayor’s Class”; Dr. Zhang Xuhui, President of the Nanyang Academy of Management; Prof. Li Jie, Singaporean artist, founder of the German-Chinese NOTHINGART, and visiting professor of Fudan University. Prof. Li Jie, Singaporean artist, German-Chinese founder of NOTHINGART and Visiting Professor at Fudan University; Mr. Ling Zhenwen, co-founder of Meituan Dianping (formerly known as Volkswagen Dianping), shareholder, renowned investor, and Distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University; Mr. Chen Ruiyong, Founding President of Singapore WENZHOU COMMERCE holdings group (Singarore) PTE. LTD; Mr. Tan Swee Yong, Founder of SINGRASS Singapore, Chairman of O2WORK, President of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Goh Boon Kiat, Former President of Forbes China, Chairman of G20 YEA Singapore).

Note: Ms. Ma Ji, Chairwoman of Bian Law Firm, Sungai United Family Office; Prof. Liu Shaojia, PhD from Oxford University, Professor of Economics at Peking University UK Campus and Founding Director of the UK Campus, the two employed entrepreneur mentors did not arrive due to reasons, and were collected by others on behalf of the mentors.

During the ceremony, Ms. Dan Hong, a well-known Singaporean artist, also presented her own calligraphy works to Dr. Wu Wei, President of the Singapore-China Exchange Association and the Talent Base.

After the awarding ceremony, all the participants, based on their own corporate strengths and in conjunction with the development of the talent base, spoke freely and contributed their ideas and suggestions for the development of the talent base of the SG-CN Exchange Network and the future entrepreneurial training of Nanyang Institute of Management.

Speech by Mr. Ling Zhenwen, Co-Founder, Shareholder of Meituan (Formerly Volkswagen-Dianping), Renowned Investor, and Distinguished Professor of Tsinghua University

Speech by Dr. Teo Yuan Thian, Chairman of Singapore’s Hoarded Fortune Group


Speech by Mr. Lee Kok Chun, Chairman of MRT Engineering Consultants and Secretary General of the Singapore Beijing Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Speech by Mr. Lee Suet Ming, Vice President, The Singapore-China Business Association

Speech by Ms. Feng Pu, China Partner of Allen & Gledhill Law Firm, Singapore

Speech by Mr. Melvyn Goh,  Former President of Forbes China and Chairman of G20 YEA Singapore

Speech by Prof. Li Jie, Singaporean artist, German-Chinese founder of NOTHINGART and visiting professor at Fudan University

Speech by Ms. Lim Beng Lee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Singapore Chinese Culture Association

Speech by Mr. Ong Khin Kiat, Permanent Honorary President of the Singapore Tianfu Society

Mr. Zhou Ligao, CRO of Singapore and Chief Risk Control Officer of Noah Holdings, the largest wealth management company in China, spoke on the occasion

Speech by Chairman of Lookess and Ecofarm Singapore

Speech by Zhai Zihan, Chairman of the Singapore China Association Youth Group

The activity was held in the midst of laughter and group photos. Although the meeting came to an end, it sounded the horn for the new collaboration to set sail! We wish and look forward to the betterment of the new entrepreneurs of SG-CN.