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Our Students Shine at Kenduri Seni Melayu 2024 in Batam

The Kenduri Seni Melayu (KSM) 2024, held in Batam, Indonesia from June 7 to 9, was a spectacular showcase of Malay arts and heritage, and this year, 6 students from the Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM), School of Tourism & Hospitality were proud participants in this prestigious event. As part of an international delegation, our students were led by Dean of School of Tourism and Hospitality, Mr Raymond Khoo to the unique opportunity to represent Singapore and demonstrate their talents on a global stage​.

Background of Kenduri Seni Melayu

Kenduri Seni Melayu is an annual cultural festival celebrating the rich traditions of the Malay world. This year marked the 26th edition of the event, which brought together participants from six countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, and Thailand. The festival featured a vibrant array of traditional Malay music, dance, and art performances, along with a culinary bazaar and exhibitions of traditional games​.

NIM’s Participation

Our NIM students were key contributors to the festival’s success. Their participation not only highlighted their artistic talents but also emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and preservation. Their performances were met with acclaim and helped strengthen international cultural ties. The event was graced by notable figures, including Batam’s Mayor Muhammad Rudi and Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, adding to its prestige​.

Certificate Ceremony at NIM

In recognition of their dedication and outstanding performance, we held a special ceremony today at NIM to distribute certificates of participation to our students. This event took place in front of their course mates and faculty members, serving as a token of our appreciation and pride. The certificates were handed out by our esteemed faculty, acknowledging the hard work and passion our students displayed in representing NIM and Singapore at this international festival.

We are incredibly proud of our students for their exemplary participation in KSM 2024. Their involvement has not only brought honor to NIM but also contributed to the preservation and promotion of Malay culture. This experience has enriched their academic journey and personal growth, providing them with invaluable skills and lasting memories.

Participating students, left to right: 
Nadi Kyaw Kyaw, Zune Lamin Khant, Tin Moh Moh Aung, Thant Kyu Kyu Kyaw, Yaminn Aung 

Absent: Eain Dray Khin