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Nanyang Institute of Management Students Visit Singrass for an Enlightening Experience

On a bright morning, students from Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM) had the unique opportunity to visit Singrass, a pioneering company known for its eco-friendly solutions and innovative business model. This visit was organized to provide our students with valuable insights into the entrepreneurial world and sustainable business practices.

Singrass is at the forefront of creating sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for indoor environments. They specialize in optimizing indoor spaces to enhance air quality, reduce energy consumption, and create healthier living and working environments. One of their flagship offerings is O2Work, an eco-friendly coworking space designed to foster productivity and well-being through a green and sustainable design.

The visit commenced with an introduction to Singrass, where the students were briefed on the company’s origins, mission, and vision. The session included an in-depth explanation of Singrass’s business model, highlighting how the company integrates sustainability into its core operations. The students were particularly inspired by the entrepreneurial journey of Singrass’s founders, who shared their experiences and challenges in building a successful eco-friendly business.

Following the introduction, the students were introduced to O2Work, Singrass’s innovative coworking space that emphasizes eco-friendly design and sustainable practices. They also learned about Singrass’s indoor environment optimization solutions, which aim to improve air quality and energy efficiency in various indoor settings.

The next segment of the visit featured a talk by our very own Miss Thong, Assistant Dean of School of Engineering and Director of Career Service Center, on the essentials of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This session was designed to motivate and educate the students on the key attributes and skills required to thrive in the entrepreneurial world. Additionally, the students were introduced to our Mentor-in-Residence program, which provides ongoing support and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.

The students then participated in a Q&A session, where they had the chance to ask questions and engage in discussions with Singrass representatives. This interactive session allowed the students to gain deeper insights into the practical aspects of entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.

Following the Q&A, the students were taken on a guided tour of the Singrass facility. This tour showcased the various innovative solutions implemented by Singrass to create eco-friendly indoor environments. The students were impressed by the company’s commitment to sustainability and the tangible impact of their solutions.


The visit concluded at noon, leaving the students with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. The experience provided them with a practical understanding of how businesses can successfully integrate sustainability into their operations and highlighted the importance of innovation and resilience in the entrepreneurial journey.

Nanyang Institute of Management is proud to facilitate such enriching experiences for our students, enabling them to learn from real-world examples and fostering their growth as future leaders in their respective fields.