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Nanyang Institute of Management School of Engineering Students Attend Singapore International Water Week

On June 18, 2024, students from the Nanyang Institute of Management’s School of Engineering had the remarkable opportunity to attend the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) at Marina Bay Sands, guided by their lecturers, Mr. Desmond and Ms. Tan.

The SIWW is a global platform for sharing and co-creating innovative water solutions. It brings together leaders from the government, industry, academia, and international organizations to tackle water challenges and share best practices. For our engineering students, this event was an eye-opening experience, offering them a unique blend of education and industry insight.

Throughout the event, our students were exposed to the latest advancements in water technology and management. They visited various booths that covered a broad spectrum of topics, from sustainable water management practices to cutting-edge water purification technologies. The event featured keynote speeches from global water experts, panel discussions on pressing water issues, and exhibitions showcasing the newest water technologies and solutions.

Mr. Desmond and Ms. Tan played pivotal roles in ensuring that the students maximize their learning experiences. They guided the students through the various exhibits and facilitated discussions on how these innovations could be applied in real-world scenarios. The teachers’ expertise and enthusiasm significantly enriched the students’ understanding of complex water-related issues.

The highlight of the event for many students was the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and researchers. These interactions provided invaluable insights into the practical applications of their classroom knowledge. Students learned about the challenges and solutions in water management and the importance of sustainable practices in preserving this vital resource.

Attending the SIWW has undoubtedly broadened our students’ perspectives and enhanced their appreciation for the role of technology in solving global water challenges. They returned to Nanyang Institute of Management with a deeper understanding of the complexities of water management and a renewed motivation to contribute to this crucial field.

Events like the SIWW are vital in shaping the future leaders of the engineering field, and we are committed to providing such enriching opportunities to our students.