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Jointly Hosted: China-ASEAN International Education Summit & First China-Thailand Private Higher Education Council

On February 23, 2024, the “China-ASEAN International Education Summit and the First China-Thailand Private Higher Education Council” were jointly hosted by the Thailand-China ASEAN International Education Association, Xingzhi Education Collaboration Alliance, Nanyang Institute of Management in Singapore, and Thailand-China International School.

The “President’s Forum” was grandly held at Krirk University in Thailand. Our school’s President, Zhang Xuwei, Vice President, Wilson Ang, and General Manager, James Zhang, traveled to Thailand to attend the conference. 

With the theme of “Cooperation·Innovation·Development,” this conference brought together many education experts and industry leaders from both domestic and international spheres to discuss international education from a new perspective, gather the demands of multiple parties to promote in-depth cooperation in the education industry and address the challenges in the process of parental education. The conference aimed to encourage the future development of international education! The meeting was held from February 22 to 24, 2024, at the Academic Conference Center of Krirk University in Thailand and the Academic Conference Center of Lampang International Institute of Science and Technology in Thailand. The conference was broadcast live by Sina Live and Xinhua News Agency’s live cloud, attracting nearly 300,000 views. The event was reported and recommended by mainstream media at home and abroad.

Professor Dr. Krasae Chanawongse Yang Jinquan, President of the University of Thailand, opened the forum. Later, Danu Danteti, former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Science and Technology Innovation of Thailand; Professor Wang Lisheng, Chairman of the Higher Education Special Committee of the China Private Education Association; and Wang Xianjun, Vice Chairman of the Xingzhi Education Collaboration Alliance/Chairman of Dalian University of the Arts, arrived. Professor Ding Deke, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mingzhong International Holding Group, Wang Changming, and Deputy Chairman of the Science and Technology Expert Service Steering Committee of the China Higher Education Society, delivered speeches.

This event has built a broad platform for international educational cooperation. In the forum, participants discussed how to carry out more in-depth cooperation in international education. We look forward to opening up new opportunities in connectivity, building consensus, and contributing our strength to turn the vision into reality and achieve tangible achievements on the tenth anniversary of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

This conference also set up a roundtable forum, inviting many well-known education experts and scholars from domestic and international spheres to share and exchange ideas. From Professor Le Yong, Secretary-General of Chongqing Education International Exchange Association, Professor Huang Yuanwei, Secretary-General of Liaoning Private Education Association, Founding Vice Chairman of Guangxi International Studies University, Dr. Huang Can, Professor and Chairman of Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational and Technical College, Professor Wang Shusheng, Liaoning Province Professor Jiang Li, Deputy Director of China Vocational Education Society and Chairman of Liaoning University of Communication, Professor Wu Binru, President of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, and Dr. Zhang Xuwei, President of Nanyang Institute of Management in Singapore, participants jointly discussed various challenges faced by private higher education.

Dr. Zhang Xuwei, the President of our school, delivered a speech on “The Development and Reflection of Private Education in Singapore,” introducing the situation of private universities in Singapore and the school-running philosophy, characteristics, and advantages of Nanyang Institute of Management. The mission of student service and industry-focused curriculum development are our competitive advantages. Zhang’s speech was well-received by the attendees.

Education determines humanity’s present and its future. Human society needs to cultivate the talents that society needs through continuous education. It needs to use education to teach the known, update the old knowledge, discover new knowledge, and explore the unknown so that people can better understand the world, transform it, and create a better future for humanity. We at Nanyang Institute of Management always prioritize the future development of our students. Under the school’s leadership, our Nanyang students will acquire more professional and global knowledge in Singapore.