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Celebrating Excellence and Leadership

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the Outstanding Award for their remarkable contributions and outstanding leadership within our Student Council Committee. Join us in congratulating Dave and Khin for their exceptional dedication and achievements! Let us share their roles with us for the past year!

‍Dave Rushabhkumar Rushikumar’s (Post graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management student) commitment as the Secretary & India Group Leader fostered a collaborative environment that has been truly exceptional. From orchestrating productive meetings to spearheading engaging team discussions, his leadership has been instrumental in shaping our school’s landscape. Let’s not forget the memorable moments shared, from the NIM opening ceremony to the breathtaking Marina Barrage picnic party. Dave’s determination and passion are an inspiration to us all!  

‍Khin Pearl, (Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management) our leader for China students, demonstration of a visionary leader within the School of Engineering has been nothing short of remarkable. We applaud her role in leading unforgettable events such as the Macritchie Reservoir Park tree top walk and the enlightening China Group knowledge-sharing activity. Khin’s dedication and innovative spirit truly set the bar high!

The knowledge exchange, and camaraderie that both Dave and Khin have fostered have strengthened our global network and brought us closer together.

We hope to have more of you like Dave and Khin, to showcase your exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and countless contributions.