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Academic English Masterclass

NIM Graduation (18th October 2019)

School of Tourism and Hospitality’s Dinner and Dance (September 2019)

Teaching Children Through Play Workshop (August 2019)

A child learns best through play. Play helps a child develop concepts and understand how things and ideas are connected. It also helps to develop basic skills in reading, writing and communication. Without the stimulation of play, your child’s development could be affected. Through this workshop, the participants have learned how to their children develop and learn through play.

Racial Harmony Day (July 2019)

On this day, we celebrate the peace and harmony between different nationalities at NIM. Despite the differences in our language, race and culture, we are a big family here at Nanyang Institute of Management.

School of Tourism and Hospitality’s Malay Art Festival, Batam Indonesia (Nov 2018)
Batam’s annual Malay Art Festival 2018 organized by Indonesia Tourism Board and Batam Tourism Board, despite the short notice, SOTH students have done us proud by showcasing their talent by performing to a crowd of more than 6000 attendees including the Mayor of Batam, Minister of Tourism, Indonesia and many other Indonesia’s government official. The event also saw them performing alongside with some of the internationally acclaimed and professional cultural dance troupe from the region.

NIM Graduation (Oct 2018)

School of Tourism and Hospitality’s Student Exchange (Oct 2018)
The purpose of the student exchange program is to promote international awareness, educational and cultural exchange to develop mutual understanding between NIM Final Year students and students from Batam Polytechnic, Indonesia.

SENG Field Trip (Architecture & Building Services 2018 Exhibition) (2nd Oct 2018)

Racial Harmony Day (July 2018)
This is the day when our students came together to showcase their traditional wears, food and beverages from various regions. In addition, this year Racial Harmony Day, apart from the traditional costumes and gastronomy, folk music and dance performance from various ethnic were also introduced. Through this meaningful event, students were given the opportunity not only to learn and understand about other nationality’s culture and tradition, but also a good way to bind them together.

SOTH Teambuilding & Chalet (Mar 2018)

SOTH Junior Achiever Programme (Feb 2018)

SOTH Participation in Travel Fair (Mar 2018)

SOTH Visit to Willing Hearts (Jan 2018)

SOTH Selfie and Chalet (Sept 2017)