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Seitov Sultanbek, The Republic of Kazakhstan


“Since Singapore ranks first in the world in terms of safety standards, my parents are more confident in letting me study here. Plus, after studying in Europe, I want to get to know another region and expand my multicultural experience. The location of Nanyang itself is in the center of the city, and all necessary facilities, such as the food center, are within reach. What’s more, I can continue my internship after finishing the semester to gain more experience in this field.

Although there were some challenges when I first came to Nanyang, because it was different from my previous study experience in Switzerland. But also because of this, I became more independent and confident in myself. Through group work, I made many new international friends. The “teaching method” of Nanyang Institute of Management is very humanized. I would recommend the major of Tourism and Hotel Management of Nanyang Institute of Management to my relatives and friends. After finishing the senior college courses, I decided to continue my undergraduate study in International Tourism and Hotel Management (Honorary Degree) (Top Up) in Nanyang, and I hope to work in the beautiful Singapore in the future.”