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Zaw Ye Htut: Champion of the SMU Chess Competition!

In an impressive display of strategic acumen and unwavering focus, Zaw Ye Htut, a student from our School of Business, has emerged victorious at the 10th Singapore Management University (SMU) Chess Competition held on February 24, 2024. Zaw’s journey through the competition was nothing short of remarkable, as he secured the top rank across all 7 rounds in the individual player category.

The annual chess competition, hosted by Singapore Management University, is a prestigious event that attracts some of the brightest minds from across the region, all competing in a battle of wits, strategy, and endurance. Zaw Ye Htut’s achievement not only highlights his exceptional skills and dedication to the game but also shines a spotlight on the caliber of students nurtured at Nanyang Institute of Management.

The School of Business is particularly proud of Zaw’s achievement, as it underscores the diverse talents and capabilities of its students, extending beyond the conventional academic and professional spheres into areas such as strategic sports and competitions.

Zaw Ye Htut’s triumph is a beacon of inspiration for the Nanyang Institute of Management community, showcasing the limitless potential of its students. As we celebrate his success, we are reminded of the importance of providing a supportive and enriching environment for all our students, fostering their growth in every sphere of life.

Congratulations to Zaw Ye Htut on this outstanding achievement. Your success is a victory for the entire NIM family!