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Wildlife Talk at Nanyang Institute of Management:
A Memorable Experience with Bernard ‘OtterGrapher’ Seah

Today, Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM) had the pleasure of hosting a captivating wildlife talk by the esteemed Bernard ‘OtterGrapher’ Seah. As a dedicated wildlife advocate, conservationist, and passionate wildlife photographer, Bernard shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in preserving the biodiversity of Singapore’s natural and urban landscapes.

Bernard, an active volunteer with NParks’ Conservation and Coastal & Marine Teams, is also part of Friends of Parks and currently serves as the Chairperson of Friends of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. His commitment to wildlife conservation is truly inspiring.

The talk was attended by students and lecturers from the School of Language. Ms. Leonisa, the Dean of the School of Language, emphasized that the purpose of the talk was connected to their topic on water and the environment. This unique opportunity not only enriched the students’ understanding of Singapore’s wildlife, particularly crocodiles, but also provided them with a chance to learn new vocabulary and practice their listening and speaking skills in English.

During the session, Bernard shared fascinating insights into the species of crocodiles found in Singapore, their eating habits, breathing mechanisms, and communication methods. He vividly described how crocodiles catch fish and other prey, emphasizing the role of water vibrations in detecting food. Bernard also highlighted the conservation efforts that have led to the return of crocodiles to Singapore following environmental cleanup initiatives.

The students were enthusiastic and engaged, eager to learn more about wildlife in Singapore. They found the talk both joyful and enriching, with many asking questions to deepen their understanding.

The event concluded successfully, and we expressed our heartfelt appreciation to Bernard for his enlightening presentation. We look forward to organizing more such talks in the future to continue providing our NIM students with opportunities to grow and learn beyond the classroom.

Stay tuned for more exciting events that will help our students expand their horizons and knowledge.