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Warm Welcome Extended to Singapore China Association

In a significant development for the local community, we are honored to host Mr Li Zhi Chao, a distinguished representative from the Singapore China Association. The visit, orchestrated by the university’s President, Dr John Zhang, entailed a comprehensive tour of the campus and its cutting-edge facilities.

The discussions with Mr Li Zhi Chao were enlightening, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to educate and protect students from falling victim to scams. President Dr John Zhang expressed gratitude for the visit, acknowledging the significance of learning from seasoned professionals like Mr Li Zhi Chao.

From left to right:  Mr Wilson Ang (Vice President of NIM), Mr Li Zhi Chao (Singapore China Association), Dr John Zhang (President of NIM), Mr Craig Albrightson (Academic Dean of NIM)

Education stands as a powerful deterrent against scams and fraudulent activities. Therefore, the university is pleased to announce an exclusive anti-scam seminar tailored for its students, scheduled for the near future.