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Unfolding AI's Impact on Enterprises

The impact of AI is diverse, bringing unseen benefits, yet also presenting certain challenges such as data protection issues, technological barriers,diverse data points.

Today, we had the honor to host ‘AI’s impact on enterprises’ seminar with China Enterprises Association (Singapore), China Unicom and HUAWEI to unfold revolutionary changes to traditional industries.

Under the leadership of NIM CEO Dr. Zhang Xu Wei, we are honored to welcome distinguished guests today, including Fu Xiao Hui, Secretary-General of the Chinese Enterprises (Singapore) Association; Chen Hao, Vice Chairman of the Technology and Digitalization Committee of Chinese Enterprises (Singapore) Association, and Deputy General Manager of Huawei International Co., Ltd; and Bai Jian, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom ASEAN Region.

AI development has shifted towards bionics, making AI models more powerful and human-like, leading to substantial efficiency gains and revenue growth. However, Wen Mu Yuan, GPTdesk CEO clarified that data security concerns remain, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, and customized AI services hold the potential to revolutionize their operations in the coming years.

Xie Li Ming, the Manager of the Data Storage Department at Huawei APAC, talked about the advancements and challenges in the driving forces behind AI development. The driving forces are algorithms, computing power, and data, with moments of enlightenment and leaps in capabilities due to data collection; efforts are focused on improving GPU efficiency and breaking through technological barriers monopolized by the US, which also poses challenges for AI solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Xu Wen, Former Head of AI Digital Human Business at Alibaba DAMO Academy, shared that Virtual reality (VR) and AI are merging, bringing efficiency improvements to VR, which integrates various knowledge domains and is becoming increasingly practical and ingrained in our daily lives, making it evident and tangible rather than a distant concept.

Imagine your computer or mobile device transforming into your personal assistant, intimately acquainted with your information and serving you diligently. Huang Jia, Chief Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at Singapore’s Agency for Science sheds light on Practical Case Studies of AI and Large Language Model Research Projects Implemented by Enterprises.

Large AI models are benefiting businesses by improving efficiency, but to effectively integrate and record diverse data points, customized data recording and organizing models are necessary. Businesses require tailored question-and-answer systems to handle internal information, ensuring data security and enhancing operational efficiency.

These knowledge-sharing sessions create a melting pot of knowledge, offering us the opportunity to enrich our understanding of AI. When like-minded individuals come together to discuss development, it ignites a flow of ideas on how to fully harness technology and drive even greater advancements.