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Paving the Path to a Greener Future with Singrass

What a lively afternoon it was when we welcomed Miss Maya, Customer Relationship Manager from Singrass, to our campus. She talked to our students about ways we can make our future more eco-friendly, which we called ‘Strategic Sustainable Operations Management: Paving the Path into a Greener Future’.

During the talk, she highlighted how important it is to use less plastic and shared practical tips for reducing plastic waste. She also emphasized the significance of protecting the environment and cutting down pollution to help our Earth.

This event came together thanks to Ms. Thong’s idea from the School of Engineering and Mr. Johnson’s help from the School of Business and Logistics.

Left to right

Mr Johnson Teo (Assistant Head of School of Business & Logistics), Mr Craig Albrightson (Academic Dean of NIM), Miss Maya (Customer Relationship Manager from Singrass), Ms Thong Sue Yen (Assistant Head of School of engineering). 

We’ve seen Singapore making great strides in reducing plastic use. Many stores have stopped giving out plastic bags or charging a small fee, encouraging people to be more mindful. Have you been doing your part, and why not start today if you haven’t!

If your company wants to have a similar sharing session or have topics that will inspire our students, you can reach us at contact@nanyang.edu.sg for more details.