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Freshmen Orientation: An Energetic Start to a New Academic Journey

The NIM Student Orientation kicked off with unparalleled enthusiasm as students hailing from diverse nationalities embarked on a thrilling journey of discovery within the school’s welcoming confines. This event served as the perfect platform for all new students to acquaint themselves with their esteemed lecturers and forge connections with fellow classmates who would soon become an integral part of their academic journey. 

Welcome Speech given by our President, Dr Zhang Xu Wei

Top left: Introduction of Student Recruitment Team by Academic Dean, Mr Craig Albrightson 
Top right: Introduction by School of Tourism and Hospitality, Mr Raymond Khoo 

Bottom left: Introduction by School of Business and School of Logistics, Mr Johnson Teo
Bottom right: Introduction by School of Language, Ms Nisa

Following this initial interaction, the excitement soared as participants ventured to the scenic East Coast Park for a series of exhilarating activities. These engaging games were strategically designed to break the ice among students hailing from different faculties, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity.

The activities ranged from the challenging Human Knot and the whimsical dressing-up escapade with newspaper to the glamorous catwalk competition showcasing the best dress. Adding a dash of competition, students also took part in a relay race where they were grouped together using raffia strings. It ended with the Newspaper Limbo Challenge, where students daringly attempted to fit themselves within the confines of a newspaper. This entertaining challenge tests their agility and flexibility as they endeavor to fold and contort themselves to fit into the limited space of the newspaper.

Post-adventure, our fresh-faced freshmen were treated to a delectable BBQ feast, impeccably prepared by the dedicated members of our student council. The sizzling aroma of the barbecue dishes wafted through the air, and it wasn’t long before every last morsel vanished, a testament to the delectable fare on offer.


The talent within our freshmen cohort shone through as some spirited individuals voluntarily serenaded their peers with heartwarming songs, adding a melodious touch to the evening’s festivities.

As the day gradually drew to a close, a memorable group photograph was captured, encapsulating the spirit of unity and excitement that marked the NIM Student Orientation.