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NIM's Vice President Craig Albrightson Shines at International Forum
on Higher Education

In a remarkable gathering of global educational minds, Craig Albrightson, the Vice President of Nanyang Institution of Management (NIM), participated in an international forum on higher education on December 10, 2023. The event, a significant collaboration between the China Association of Higher Education and Xiamen University, focused on the future of education amidst the ongoing digital transformation.

The forum, held last Sunday, brought together esteemed academics and education professionals from around the world, including speakers from Harvard University and various countries across Africa, Europe, and America. This diverse panel highlighted the event’s commitment to fostering international dialogue and collaboration in higher education.

Craig Albrightson, representing NIM, contributed to the discussions with insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital era in education. His speech emphasized the need for educational institutions to adapt and evolve to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. His participation underscores NIM’s commitment to being at the forefront of educational innovation and international collaboration.

The forum addressed key topics such as the integration of technology in education, the development of global educational standards, and the promotion of cross-cultural academic exchanges. The event served as a platform for sharing ideas and best practices, aiming to shape a more interconnected and technologically adept educational landscape.

The successful conclusion of this international forum marks a significant milestone in the global conversation about the future of higher education. With leaders like Craig Albrightson at the helm, NIM continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the educational paradigms of tomorrow.