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NIM Students Orientation Day

Today, we welcome our freshmen from all around the world. We got students from China, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam arriving at our campus bright and early.

We were as excited as them to start the term with an explosive burst of energy! To kick-start the day, we gave our warmest welcome given by our Vice President, Mr Wilson Ang, and made them feel as comfortable as possible. Afterwhich, they were given a full walkthrough of our various schools (School of Business, School of Early Childhood Education, School of Engineering, School of Language, School of Logistics, School of Tourism & Hospitality), the academics, students services staff and even our student councils!

Coming from overseas, especially at such a young age definitely brings some jitters, but they all warmed up pretty quickly with one another over lunch! Lunch was nothing short of delicious local delicacies, simple yet showing the delights of Singapore’s food.

Right after lunch, they gathered once more for a fun activity!

To strengthen their bond and connection, we’ve arranged an Amazing Race challenge! The students were randomly grouped for them to mingle around and expand their network. 

Our lecturers from various schools (School of Business and Logistics; Mr Johnson Teo and Mr Alex Tan, School of Language, Leonisa; School of Engineering, Ms Thong Sue-Yen; School of Tourism and Hospitality, Mr Raymond Khoo, Dr Audie Wee and Ms Genieve Wong) were very involved being their gatekeeper for this activity!

They went ahead to strategize their route and worked together as one to complete the activity. The added challenge was, it has to be done by foot! Our students were guided by the student council team, and through this activity, our freshmen got a better understanding about Singapore!

All of the teams fulfilled the locations and of course, what’s a challenge without prizes! We celebrated and gave out the prizes for the group with the highest point!

We had the honor to invite our Academic Dean, Craig Albrightson to give out the prize to the winning team! The day was concluded with a photo-taking session to mark this memorable orientation.

It was really a fun and enjoyable day! We look forward to the start of the new term!