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NIM Ho Chi Minh Agent Conference

We held our agent conference at Ho Chi Minh on 17 August, where we saw close to 30 valued agents gathered to attend our prestigious conference. 

The curtains of the conference were drawn apart by the eloquence of our esteemed President, Dr. Zhang Xu Wei, whose opening speech resonated with gratitude as he extended a heartfelt thank you to every attendee. His words carried the weight of appreciation for the valuable time invested and set the stage for an exploration of the exciting voyage that lies ahead.

Our Vice President, Mr Wilson Ang, then took over and shared about our new developments and programme, the launch of 2 new schools, School of Arts and Design, and School of Information Technology. Senior Manager of Student Recruitment, Ms Anita Nguyen also took the opportunity to share with the updates within Singapore to ensure  all messaging is aligned as a whole. 

As a testament to our global outlook and the spirit of collaboration, the conference provided a platform to introduce our sister institution—Krirk University, from Thailand. A bridge between cultures, this introduction was artfully delivered by the capable duo of Mr. Philip Lam and Ms. Chandiapha. Their accounts painted a vivid picture of Krirk University’s rich history and celebrated milestones, forging a bond that extends beyond borders.

As the event drew to a close, we presented our Best Partner Award and a heartfelt token of appreciation was extended to every agent who graced us with their presence, underscoring the gratitude we hold for their unwavering support.