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Nanyang Institute of Management Celebrates Christmas with
Festive Cheer and Community Spirit

The corridors of Nanyang Institute of Management were filled with festive joy and laughter on December 12th, as students and faculty came together to celebrate Christmas.

Decked in vibrant decorations, the school transformed into a winter wonderland. Students took the lead in adorning the halls with sparkling lights, handmade ornaments, and colorful banners, creating an atmosphere of warmth and festivity. This student-driven initiative highlighted the artistic talents within the Nanyang community and fostered a sense of ownership and pride among the participants.

The event was not just about decorations. A variety of Christmas-themed games were organized, allowing students to engage in friendly competition and fun. From classic games such as ‘Chasing the beard of the Santa Claus’ to innovative games designed by the students, everyone was enjoying the celebration. Notable among these were ‘The Paper Roll Cup Knockdown Game’, where students demonstrated their aim and dexterity, a hilarious and engaging activity that had everyone laughing. These games not only added an element of excitement to the event but also encouraged teamwork and camaraderie among students.

A central attraction of the celebration was the array of Christmas food prepared by the students. From traditional Christmas cookies to local delicacies with a festive twist, the spread was a testament to the diverse culinary skills and cultural backgrounds present within the Nanyang community. The sharing of food brought students and faculty together, symbolizing the unity and joy of the season.

Students and faculty alike expressed their enjoyment of the event. ‘It’s amazing to see how everyone came together to make this event a success,’ said Pham Tuan Vu, an MBA student, reflecting the sentiment of many. Tanay Vijay, also from the MBA class, added, ‘This Christmas celebration really showed the heart and soul of our Nanyang community. It was more than just fun; it was a display of our collective creativity and spirit.’ The efforts of the students were particularly commended, with faculty members praising their creativity, organization, and enthusiasm in bringing the Christmas spirit to life.

The Christmas event at Nanyang Institute of Management was more than just a celebration; it was a display of community, creativity, and joy. It highlighted the institute’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus culture. As the year draws to a close, this event will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight, embodying the spirit of Christmas and the values of the Nanyang community.