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MOU Signing with Vishwakarma Institutes and University

On 14 December, Nanyang Institute of Management signed an Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Cooperation with Vishwakarma Institutes and University.

It was our pleasure to have them visit our campus, with the full tour guided by our Regional Student Recruitment Manager, Ms Tanny. 

During the tour, engaging interactions took place between the representatives of both institutions, providing an opportunity to discuss the finer details of the academic collaboration outlined in the MoU. The exchange of ideas and insights laid the foundation for future initiatives, including faculty exchange programmes, joint research projects, and student exchange opportunities.

The forum addressed key topics such as the integration of technology in education, the development of global educational standards, and the promotion of cross-cultural academic exchanges. The event served as a platform for sharing ideas and best practices, aiming to shape a more interconnected and technologically adept educational landscape.

Left to right: 

Ms. Namita Lotlikar, Ms. Tanny, Student Recruitment Regional Manager of Nanyang Institute of Management, Ms. Devika Verma, Chief International Relations Officer of Vishwakarma Institutes and University, Dr. Zhang Xuwei, President of Nanyang Institute of Management, Mr. Wilson Ang, Vice President of Nanyang Institute of Management, Ms. Thong Sue-Yen, Assistant Dean for School of Engineering of Nanyang Institute of Management.

As the meeting concluded, both institutions expressed their gratitude for the warm reception and looked forward to a fruitful collaboration that would undoubtedly benefit students, faculty, and the academic community at large. The signing of the MoU marked the beginning of a new chapter in the educational journey of Nanyang Institute of Management and Vishwakarma Institutes and University, fostering a bond that promised growth, innovation, and the shared pursuit of knowledge.