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Nanyang Institute of Management
MOU signing with Tus Business School

Nanyang Institute of Management is deeply honored to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tus Business School, marking the commencement of a collaborative venture that holds immense promise for the future. 

The formalization of this partnership was graced by the presence of Dr. Zhang Chaozhong, President of Tus Business School. Dr. Zhang Chaozhong engage in discussions with our Vice President, Mr. Wilson Ang, further solidifying the foundations of this significant collaboration.

This MOU signifies a dedicated focus on fostering excellence in the Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration programmes, complemented by our esteemed York St. John University certificate. The overarching goal of this collaboration is to nurture high-quality, internationalized talents equipped with a global perspective.

As we embark on this journey with Tus Business School, we eagerly anticipate the exchange of knowledge, cultural insights, and the collective effort to shape the next generation of business leaders with a truly international outlook. This partnership symbolizes a commitment to excellence and a shared vision for the advancement of education on a global scale. We look forward to the opportunities and achievements that will unfold through this collaborative endeavor.