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2023 HEHE Civilization Forum

In a noteworthy moment, our esteemed President, Dr. Zhang Xu Wei, was invited to take center stage during the captivating panel discussion at 2023 HEHE Civilization Forum : Diversity of Civilization and Modernization on 8 September. This engaging discussion provided a unique platform for us to shed light on the art of crafting a vibrant and harmonious campus culture.

During the panel discussion, we had the privilege to unveil our approach in nurturing and supporting students, enabling them to actively engage in exceptional and enriching academic and cultural pursuits, with a special emphasis on the profound tapestry of Confucian culture. Our goal? To orchestrate a symphony of diversity, where students seamlessly integrate and, in the process, undergo a profound cultural metamorphosis as they evolve and mature.

Here are some of the pivotal steps we’ve taken on this exhilarating journey of international exchanges and collaborations. We’ve tirelessly forged connections with a multitude of foreign universities and research institutions, giving rise to academic institutions with a global footprint. The result? A rich tapestry of perspectives that adds depth and dimension to our educational environment.

And let’s not forget the colorful tapestry of traditions that adorn our campus. We treat everyone here like family, where we celebrate all cultures, staff’s birthdays and have strong inclusivity amongst the team. This internationalized campus culture isn’t just a mere concept; it’s a continuous journey that fosters mutual respect, kindles mutual appreciation, and weaves threads of harmony and camaraderie among our colleagues and students. It’s a journey where diverse ethnicities come to life, where the world becomes a canvas painted with an array of hues, and where the timeless charm of life unfurls its secrets.

To conclude the day with a flourish of vibrancy, we had the privilege of extending a warm invitation to 15 talented students from Nanyang Institute of Management. Together, they immersed themselves in the kaleidoscope of artistic expression presented by our gracious organizers. 

Here’s a short clip of the event that day: