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Climate Crisis: Insights and Actions from Ms Audrey Koh's Talk
with the Tzu-Chi Foundation Singapore

We’re honoured to have Ms Audrey Koh from the Tzu-Chi Foundation Singapore presents a compelling presentation on the climate crisis under the theme “Climate Crisis: Your Actions Matter.”, an inspiring session tailored for students. Her message was not just a call to awareness but a summons to action, specifically designed to resonate with the younger generation, who are pivotal to driving the change towards a sustainable future.

Ms Audrey Koh’s presentation commenced by underscoring the significance of individual actions in the environmental landscape. She emphasized that the choices we make daily have a profound impact on our planet. For students, this means adopting practices such as reducing personal carbon footprints by choosing sustainable modes of transport, like cycling, walking, or using public transportation for school commutes. She passionately argued against the use of single-use plastics, a common sight in school cafeterias and during outdoor activities, urging students to embrace reusable containers, bottles, and bags instead. This shift, she noted, is vital in combating the scourge of plastic pollution that threatens our oceans and wildlife.

The discussion on dietary choices struck a chord, highlighting the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. Ms Audrey Koh presented this not just as a health choice but as a meaningful step toward reducing one’s ecological footprint. She encouraged students to explore vegetarian and vegan options, emphasizing that such a shift can significantly reduce the demand for water, land, and energy resources, thereby decreasing greenhouse gas emissions associated with animal farming.

Energy consumption was another key topic. Audrey Koh urged students to be mindful of their energy use, advocating for simple yet effective measures like turning off lights and electronic devices when not in use and prioritizing natural light. These actions, though small, play a crucial part in reducing overall energy consumption and the carbon footprint of their schools and homes.

Ms Audrey Koh also introduced the Go-Green campaign, an initiative encouraging students to engage with and review vegetarian-friendly eateries around Singapore. This campaign serves as a practical exercise in sustainability, offering students a platform to advocate for and participate in sustainable living actively.

Her talk was a powerful reminder that students are not just passive inheritors of the planet but active agents of change. Through their choices and actions, they have the power to influence their peers, families, and communities, driving the collective effort needed to address the climate crisis. Engaging in initiatives like the Go-Green campaign and adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives, students can lead the way to a more sustainable, equitable future for all.