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Celebrating Harmony and Peace

Finally putting restrictions past us, we’re able to come together as a school once again to celebrate Racial Harmony Day. This special day was hosted by two very talented students, Win Khin Khin and Lhyan Wai Myat from the School of Tourism and Hospitality.

It was weeks in the making where students from different countries came together to showcase their ethnicity, culture and heritage on this special day.

We have students representing Singapore, China, India, Myanmar and Vietnam, to offer their cultural activity, putting up performances specific to their countries, partake in the ethnic costume competition, and even showcase the taste of the diverse cuisine.

Head of School of Tourism and Hospitality, Mr Raymond Khoo, took the opportunity to hand out the certificates for students who took part in The Malay Arts Festival Batam in June, and soon after, the performances began!

🎭 Cultural Extravaganza: Embracing Diversity

We first have a performance representing Singapore, singing a nostalgic song of “The more we get together”. It was such a simple song, yet when delivered in different languages? It is indeed what Racial Harmony is all about!

Coming in next was the India team’s performance, the dance that got everyone tapping on their feet, to feel the energy of the performers!

Next, we had team China performing a song that represents friendship, by the very famous song ‘Friends’, by Wakin Chau. That song and emotions in the song, lighted up the atmosphere in the room!

After which, the Vietnam team sang to their hearts’ content for ‘Vietnam Oi’, the rhythm made everyone clap along and even sing? That’s how catchy the tune was!

Last but not least, we had the Myanmar’s team dancing their traditional dance for us. The students decked in bright yellow costumes showed us how delightful the culture is!

The event also features the thrilling “Best-Dressed” segment where the crowd gets to enthusiastically pick the ultimate winner! 

From left to right, we have students representing Myanmar, Vietnam and China.

It was nothing short of a bang before they split up for the gastronomical corner! At the different booths, we were able to see the variety of foods from different cultures.

Spring rolls from Vietnam, sweet treats from Singapore, spices from India, and the widespread Chinese food, as well as the crispy fritters and mouth-watering Mont Kyar Si from Myanmar.

🙌 A Grateful Salute

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering dedication of our organizer, Mr. Audie Wee from the School of Tourism and Hospitality. Their vision, guidance, and tireless efforts paved the way for this extraordinary celebration for the school.

As we reflect on this jubilant occasion, let us carry its essence forward, embracing the lessons of unity, respect, and understanding that it embodies. May the spirit of Racial Harmony Day continue to inspire us as we journey together towards a more harmonious and peaceful world.