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Bringing Nanyang Institute of Management to greater heights

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Mr. Raymond Khoo, the distinguished Head of the School of Tourism and Hospitality, seized a unique opportunity to venture into China last week, bringing Nanyang Institute of Management to greater heights.

On September 15th, Mr Raymond Khoo and the team from the Guangxi Service Center of the group participated in the 2023 China ASEAN Vocational Education Joint Exhibition and Forum.

The theme of this meeting is “Jointly building an industry education cluster integration platform, Sharing the development achievements of vocational education”. Representatives of vocational skills authorities and universities from various countries in China and ASEAN, as well as representatives of the Guangxi Autonomous Region government, the Department of Education, and various universities, participated in this meeting.

In the afternoon, we participated in the “China ASEAN Digital Skill Development and Digital Learning Resource Construction Forum” hosted by Guangxi Financial Vocational College, and had a friendly meeting with Li Xiaoyong, Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee.

During the meeting, Nanyang Institute of Management signed an ASEAN friendly cooperation with Guangxi Financial Vocational College, and had friendly talks with some leaders such as Huang Shaoguang, Dean of Guangxi Modern Polytechnic College, Yang Shuzhe, Dean of Guilin University, and Yang Na, Vice President of Liuzhou No.2 Vocational School.

The event was an eye opener and gave us the opportunity to exchange and forget strong connections with our counterparts in China. 

Onward to 16th September

On 16th September 2023, Mr Raymond Khoo had the honor to hold cooperation talks with Chairman Huang Xige, Executive Principal Wei Zhenqing, and Principal Li Kuiqiang of Guangxi Xige Art Training School.

The two schools have achieved a common goal, providing students with an additional path to choose, and embarking on a new path of internationalization! The two schools signed a contract and unveiled Nanyang Institute of Management – International Students Training Base. Xige Art School is a leading art training unit in Guangxi.

After a fulfilling morning, Mr Raymond Khoo proceeded with talks with leaders from Wuzhou University, including President Yang Ben, Dean Zhang Tangyun of the School of Management, Director He En of the International Exchange Department and Director Wu Jiali in the afternoon.

Dean Zhang Tangyun of Wuzhou University and Mr Raymond Khoo held talks on the tourism & hospitality major of the two schools and exchanged visits with teachers. Finally, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed to deepen bilateral research, teaching, and talent cultivation.

Having the privilege of visiting China on this enriching journey was truly eye-opening and served to strengthen the bonds between us and our esteemed counterparts.