School of Language

ENGLISH Language is oxygen!

Without it, professionals will wither in a world that predominantly conducts industry transactions and interpersonal communications in English.

More significantly, the understanding and use of English is especially crucial for citizens of countries that are increasingly becoming more engaged in the global economy.

Students studying in Singapore experience the use of English in an industry-vibrant economy and multi-racial society.

At Nanyang’s School of Language, we understand the strategic role English has played, will continue to play and the difficulty of learning another language. As such, our English Language programme is systematically tailored to varying levels of proficiency.

Nanyang’s School of Language is the cradle that eases beginners into the English Language sphere in four primary areas:





Why study at Nanyang’s School of Language?

The School of Language is staffed with well-trained, experienced and patient lecturers who:

Expose students to the English Language in a systematic approach and at a comfortable learning pace;

Instruct students in the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of the English Language;

Equip students with the ability to use the English Language to express themselves in the oral and written context; and

Raise the English Language proficiency of the students to enable them to fulfill written assignments, such as reports and essays, in their chosen field of study.

Courses/ Short Courses