School of Engineering

The School of Engineering focuses on innovative approaches in engineering education where students participate in state-of-the-art basic and applied projects in engineering information technology, infrastructure systems, data modeling and visualization, knowledge management for decision support systems, and other advanced technology-based areas. The interdisciplinary nature of engineering encourages students to supplement further courses with those from other areas at Nanyang Institute of Management such as Applied Management and Business Studies.

Students who study at the School of Engineering will learn methods to build projects in both Construction and Design by effectively controlling the project cost and duration, while meeting safety, quality, environmental and other criteria. Established methods are taught in variety of courses while graduate students have the opportunity to assist in evolving new ones.


Why Study at Nanyang Institute of Management’s School of Engineering?

The School of Engineering provides the diversity and vibrancy that enriches aspiring students with the total learning experience of:

► Applying their engineering and technical know-how in the engineering industry.
► A rich and multi-racial society where students enhance their interpersonal encounters.
► Immersion in an industry arena driven by a wide mix of professionals.