School of Business

Business is the heart of every economy

However, diversity and vibrancy pump the heart of the economy. And Nanyang Institute of Management’s School of Business in Singapore provides diversity and vibrancy that enriches aspiring business students with the total learning experience of:

Quality academic programmes offered in collaboration with reputable affiliated university partners;

A rich multi-racial Environment where the use of English and Mandarin dominate interpersonal encounters; and

Immersion in business arena driven by a wide mix of professionals

Nanyang’s Institute of Management’s School of Business is your academic gateway to market-relevant business programmes in the vibrant economy of Singapore.

Why study at Nanyang Institute of Management’s School of Business?

The School of Business provides students with clear education pathways from Certificate to Degree programmes. The quality of our programmes is regularly audited by affiliated partners.

Nanyang Institute of Management’s business graduates can gain advanced standing entry or obtain credit transfer/ exemptions with affiliated partners.