Liu Bowen
Master of Business Administration
(Jan 2014 Intake)





Li Chuang
Bachelor of Applied Management
(Nov 2012 Intake)

Before joining Nanyang institute of management, I studied Business Management courses at another school. I came to know Nanyang Institute of Management from my agent. Finally having much thought I joined the school for their Bachelor of Hospitality (BOH), I think Nanyang Institute of Management is one of the best Hospitality Management course in Singapore.

Over here, I do not only learn the knowledge from books but they also teach me some practical knowledge. The school lecturer also taught and provides us with the same system from the hotel (Opera & Amadeus). They help me during my internship in a 5 star hotel.

Lin Jing
Bachelor of Hospitality Management
(Aug 2016 Intake)


After graduation, I was offered a job at Royal Caribbean Cruise Company and given the chance to train back in Shanghai. I am grateful for this opportunity and I thank NIM for this first step in my career.


Liu Yijun (Suki)
Bachelor of Hospitality Management
(Nov 2013 Intake)