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Student Council

We invite and encourage the establishment of a variety of student organisations for the purpose of meeting the varied interests and needs of the campus community. While students will normally find the rigorous responsibilities of a higher education curriculum somewhat limiting for involvement in extracurricular organisations, such groups are desirable as a complement to the developmental philosophy of our institution. Students wishing to form such organisations are encouraged to talk with the appropriate Head of School who will coordinate action with the Student Services Office.
Currently, there is the NIM Student Council that is run by students. It is a forum for discussions, activities and it represents the interests of students. All students of NIM are automatically members of the council. All students are asked to contribute ideas and efforts to help the committee members in organising events, etc. If you would like to gain experience in helping to organise events, you are encouraged to serve in any of the committees. Normally, committee members are each given a Certificate of Appreciation by NIM for their contribution.

It is through the Student Consultative Committee that the NIM Student Council members together with NIM Management representatives chart direction and planned major activities.