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FAQs and Useful Links

NIM was established in 2001 and has been offering market relevant courses from certificate level all the way to master level.  NIM is Edutrust certified by the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

CPE is the Singapore private education regulatory body.  As part of its services, CPE’s Student Service Centre has published concise guides in various languages for students interested in enrolling in a private education institution.  These guides will provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding choosing a private education institution.  Click on the following for the guides in the various language.

•             English version


In addition to the concise guides above, CPE also publish guides on the Edutrust Certification Scheme and Fee Protection Scheme.  The guide will answer questions on:

•             What is Edutrust?
•             What are the benefits of studying in an Edutrust certified institute?
•             What to look out for in the student contract?
•             What is the Fee Protection Scheme?
•             How is the course fees protected.


To view the guide on Edutrust Certification Scheme and Fee Protection Scheme, click on the following for the different language versions.

•             English version


Under the Singapore Private Education Act, the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) spells out the mandatory registration requirements and legislative obligation of the private education institution operating in Singapore.  NIM is registered under the ERF. ERF has published an additional checklist for students seeking to enrol in a private education institution in Singapore.  To view the ERF checklist, click on the following for the different language versions.

•             English version

Useful Links

1.            Committee for Private Education
2.            Immigration and Checkpoint Authority
3.            Ministry of Education
4.            Embassies in Singapore
5.            NIM Education Partner – Federation University Australia