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FeedBack and Complaints

At NIM, all feedback and complains are taken very seriously.  Students have multiple channels to lodge their feedback and complaints via feedback forms, emails, letters and telephone calls.

NIM will resolve all feedback and complaints within 21 working days.  Student service staff will acknowledge any feedback and complaints within 3 working days.


Feedback / Complaints Resolution

1. Head of Department / Head of Operations will provide student with a solution. If the student accept the solution, no further action will be taken.

2. If the student does not accept the solution, the issue will be escalated to the General Manager who will offer a second solution.If the student accept the solution, no further action will be taken.

3. If the student does not accept the solution, NIM will propose that the matter be resolved through the Dispute Resolution Scheme offer by the Committee for Private Education Student Service Centre (CPE SSC).

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Compliant Recommended Course of Action
Private education institution which have violated conditions of registration (eg misrepresentation or failure to honour contract term) Official investigation of the private education institution by an inspectorate team from the Committee for Private Education
Unsatisfactory Services (eg poor teaching quality, changes to curriculum, and delays in awarding certificates) Stage 1: Mediation
Stage 2: Arbitration
Fee Refunds Small Claims Tribunal
(for amounts less than S$10,000)

Stage 1 : Mediation
The compliant may be referred to the Singapore Mediation Centre for mediation.

Stage 2 : Arbitration
If the parties fail to reach a settlement through mediation, the student can progress on to arbitration for a resolution of the dispute.

For further information on the CPE SSC, students can go to the website,
To submit any feedback online, please click here to fill in the feedback form.