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What our student Say

Ja Mai Para
- Bachelor of Applied Management

I'm Ja Mai Para from Myanmar and currently I'm a fresh graduate from Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM). I've finished my Bachelor of Applied Management from Australia University through NIM and I've learned and gained much knowledge about the business studies. The lecturers and staffs are very friendly and helpful. 
I'm happy to study with many students from different Countries & Cultures. Being in a multicultuaral environment makes me feel experiencing much more  than if I studied in my own country.”I am highly satisfied with my choice of studying at the Nanyang Institute of Management and thanks to all my lecturers and school's staffs from NIM.


Nang Hla Yin
-Certificate in General English

Hello everyone, my name is Nang Hla Yin. I am from Myanmar. Before I joined Nanyang, I have studied English course in Singapore around one year, but I didn’t think I was improved. So, I decided to join Nanyang Certificate in General English Course. The lecturers here are very patient to the students.

I have decided to carry on my Bachelor Degree in Nanyang after I finish my Certificate in General English Course.

I would recommend all my friends to study in Nanyang if they really want to improve their English.

Thank you Nanyang!


Chit Hlaine Pyar
-Diploma in Construction Engineering

I’m Chit Hlaine Pyar, one of the NIM (DCE) students.

The reason why I’m studying in Singapore is that I want to become a qualified engineer.

In NIM, the 1st and the most thing that I prefer is that I can graduate Diploma in Construction Engineering within 2 years, so it can bring me faster to start my career life as the 1st step.

Secondly, I appreciate the lecturers, the way their teaching, caring guidelines and waiting for us hand and foot.  As we all know, the lecturers are the beauties of the school and those lecturers are right standing at NIM. Because of all these reasons, I’m active and alert to learn all of the DCE modules effectively and I have confidence on what I’ve learnt. Now I believe that I made a right decision at the right place and I hope it can take me to my destiny. Thank You Nanyang!


Wit Yee Thit
-Diploma in Construction Engineering

Hello, I'm Wit Yee. My dream is to become a civil engineer . So , I chose NIM and I studied civil engineering program ( DCE ) to fulfill my dream.

I have no regret by choosing NIM because I met with good school environment, awesome lecturers and friendly classmates. I believe that NIM will bring for me the best future.    


Thant Htet Soe
-Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Hi, I’m Thant Htet Soe and studying Diploma in Hospitality Management in Nanyang Institute of Management.

Nanyang’ programmers are more focused on relevant subjects, and also save us a lot of time. I really enjoy my course and I am glad that I have chosen the right one!

As excellent lecturers are our mentors, I will be able to gain greater understandings, insights and happy learning student life at NIM under School of Tourism and Hospitality.

My school teaching is not only theoretical but also practical (with paid attachment), such as Handling Customers Complaints, Useful Tourism and Hospitality’ Software, Job Interview, Real Industrial working Experience. I have learned the importance of teamwork and inter-personal communication for ensuring the success of a project. Thank You NIM!


Soe Moe Kyaw
–Diploma in Construction Engineering –Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM)
Bachelor of Built Environment-University of South Australia (on going study)

I have graduated from NIM DCE in Jul 2014. As a DCE graduate from NIM, I’ve got many options for my further studies among them I chose University of South Australia for my future study pathway. I can continue either Bachelor of Built Environment or Bachelor of Construction Management & Economics.
But I have chosen Bachelor of Built Environment as it takes only two more years for me to complete my Bachelor Degree after DCE or I can change to Construction Management & Economics in my third year if I want to. Only from NIM, you can have this articulation pathway to study in Australia to get your Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering/ Built Environment/ Construction Management.
From the knowledge I gained from NIM DCE, I believe I can study my Bachelor Degree effectively. I will sure miss friendly and warmly study environment in NIM and all my lecturers from DCE.



Ms Nan Cho Cho Win
-Diploma in Construction Engineering

I chose NIM Diploma in Construction Engineering because it is an excellent diploma program for international students. The lectures teach us very well and also brought us to the Singapore Construction sites for practical training.

From NIM we also can get the direct entry and 1.5 year exemption of 4 years study, in Griffith University Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) or in La Trobe University, Bachelor of Civil Engineering. During my studies times, I have learned about not only the world’s latest construction technology to build projects, but also learned about the safety, accounting and management for construction programmes.

Finally, I want to thank all the lecturers for teaching us very well and I also happy with the school environment and their helpful staff.

Ms Yway Yway Nge (Carol) 
Bachelor of Hospitality (Management)
Federation University Australia

My name is Yway Yway Nge (Carol). I had passed final year (hospitality management) exam from Federation University Australia at Nanyang Institute of Management School, Singapore. NIM gave me a lot of knowledge about hospitality and it was very useful for my past jobs. And as well as when I was hunting the jobs currently.

My internship was at the five star hotel,  Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore. I had got a lot of worthy knowledge from my internship. After my Advanced Diploma, I had got the first job at Coffee Club as Assistant Outlet Manager (In Charge) and Cedele Restaurant as Assistant Outlet Manager (In Charge). After getting few years work experiences, I had decided to upgrade my education as I believe my future opportunities will be better if I am graduated in Hospitality Management in Nanyang School.

As what I have expected, after my final year of Bachelor of Hospitality (Management), I have received the job offer from With A Pinch of Salt Café to work as Restaurant Outlet Manager with S Pass. I am very proud to say that I am one of the NIM students which offer us market relevant programmes and support our future to have the secure job opportunities.

Ms Phan Mai Thuy Ngan
-Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

I am Phan Mai Thuy Ngan a proud student of NIM. I completed my Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management. All the lecturers  were so insightful that it increased my knowledge base and applied the same in my workplace. This helped me gain confidence and build personality to be better and do even better.

Studying here was far beyond textbooks. We had in-house training facilities, computer lab, free access to the web  etc. I learnt about a lot of cultures and countries and it helped me a lot in my industrial attachment. In short, studyin at NIM was “A great experience with great results”.

Ms Gajera Sumitaben Babubhai
-Diploma in Construction Engineering

Based on NIM Diploma in Construction Engineering, I got credit exemptions for the engineering degree which I pursued further to the Diploma. This Diploma helped in opening a lot of job opportunities in a short span of time. I have been offered the S pass for the position of a Project Design Engineer by one of the famous renovation design companies in Singapore.

All in all, I recommend this program to people who would like to develop their interpersonal skills, as well as feel challenged intellectually by the unique mixture of construction industry.  All I can say is thank you very much to NIM that gave me more confidence for my career life without stress.

Mr Anuroop Kajle
-Master of Business Administration

I am a proud student of Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM). The environment is very professional and you will feel like you’re a manager already, no exaggerations! Though being so professional, it is very student friendly. All their transparent strategies aim at benefitting the students.

I would highly recommend NIM as it is an ideal business school which provides with what can be the basis of any business school plus n number of added advantages which will help us nurture and grow in our future.

Su Yee Htet
Bachelor of Applied Management – Federation University Australia

As an international student, I feel that NIM has friendly atmosphere and the best school for us. The staffs and teachers are very kind and passionate, they show genuine desire to help students to achieve our goals.
I have just finished Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) program last July. The program has a strong international focus where students learn business principles relevant for a more global world. It has given me the confidence to move ahead for my career. The degree gave me chances of job opportunities within a short period of time. Now I am working in Business Administration area at Topform Business System Pte Ltd. I am a S pass holder. Overall, I made the right decision to join to NIM. I would like to say thank you very much to all my lectures and staffs from NIM and I am happy to recommend everyone who plan to study abroad.
Saw Yu Nandar
Master of Business Administration

Studying in NIM is added value to my life. Courses reflect the real world situation and met with excellent professors.
The small size of class allowed us to give better learning opportunities. Learning together with different nationality opened my eye to the world.
Nann Thazin Phyu Htun
Master of Business Administration


First of all, I did the right decision to study MBA at Nanyang, because I can get international recognized MBA within one year.
While studying in Nanyang, I have gained lots of experiences from all of the lectures courses. I believe what I have learned in this MBA course would help me in my working life and it will offer me a great opportunity for my career in the future.
Finally I would like to say thanks to Nanyang for giving me such a great opportunity!

May Thinzar Soe (from Myanmar)
Bachelor of Hospitality (Management)

NIM creates a dynamic and conducive learning environment that give teamwork attitude to all the students for their theory and practical lessons. Studying at Nanyang Institute of Management brought an added value to my student life and giving me a chance to gain a lot of knowledge & experiences.

Yee Mon Thant (from Myanmar)
Bachelor of Hospitality (Management)
Customer Service Assistant
Tang Plaza

I am so thankful to NIM as it offered me a great internship and my internship gave me a great opportunity as a first step of my Full time job. After I graduate from Bachelor of Hospitality (Management), the company which I had worked for internship, offered me a full time job as a Customer Service Assistant with Skill Pass. I am sure I will recommend NIM because it offers industrial relevant modules that bring us to the international working life experience.

Meethokanee Saranyu
(from Thailand)
Certificate in General English

My name is Meethokanee Saranyu. I am from Bangkok. I study English course in NIM because it give me four skill knowledge which will support and help me to continue my further study for my Bachelor Degree here.

Zhou JiaYi (from China)
Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

By studying at Nanyang, I’ve got  many friendly friends from all over the world. The teachers are taking care us very well. I am sure that I am proud of our school and very happy for being one of the students from NIM.

Dai ChanJuan (from China)
Bachelor of Applied Management

During my study time in NIM, I appreciate the teachers and class mates who always help me whenever I need. Thank you Nanyang for giving me an amazing study environment.

Ganchuluun Jugderdemid (from Mongolia)
Diploma in Management

I choose NIM because it has high ranking amongs the private schools in Singapore. Indeed I agree that when I became a student here. This school is very efficient when it comes to teaching and the staffs here are very friendly and very supportive to all the students’ matters.

Kwok Wai Ho Jason (from Hong Kong)
Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

To me, Nanyang Institute of Management is a great school because of its helpful teachers and  the learning environment. Thank you NIM for giving me the best learning experience which changed my life!

Pan Yuan Yuan (from China)
Bachelor of Applied Management

I have made the right decision to proceed my Bachelor Degree in NIM. We have learnt so many things about industrial relevant theory. I would definitely recommend my friends to study here!

Chan RithiPong
(from Cambodia)
Bachelor of Applied Management

My name is RithiPong, and I am from Cambodia.
I chose Nanyang Institute of Management because I can get my Australian Degree from here.
I believe that I can have a better job opportunity with my degree from Federation University Australia.

Lopez Redondo Cynthia Denise (from Spain)
Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

I graduated from Business Management and International Trade almost two years ago. Since then I have been working in a couple of companies established in Shanghai. After that I decided I wanted to improve my knowledge in the Tourism and Hospitality Business and Singapore was always a dreamed city for me. After analysing so many Universities I decided that the best and most convenient option for my studies was Nanyang Institute of Management andi its Post Graduated Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
I am very happy and satisfied that I choose that option. Since the very beginning the school staff was very helpful. The teachers in there are very experienced and so we can learn not just from the text book but from their own working life and experience, which from my point of view makes the teaching and subject way richer.
I would definitely recommend the university to everyone who is looking for a good and profitable bachelor/master/MBA/Diploma... I think the school itself has a very good backdrop with their teachers’ connections and all their years in the industry.

Frank Peter Kelleher (from Ireland)
Bachelor of Applied Management

For my personal opinion, studying abroad is much better than in your own country. I thank to Nanyang Institute of Management for its amazing and very helpful staffs whenever we need help. I would 100% recommend Nanyang to anyone looking forward to study abroad in Singapore.

Thura Thet (from Myanmar)
Diploma in Construction Engineering

The teachers and my classmates are friendly and taking care each other. I love the environment here. I gain a lot of knowledge and benefits from my lessons. I believe I will be a good construction engineer in my future.

Tran Thi Loan (from Vietnam)
Diploma in Construction Engineering

The lessons are interesting and the lecturers are skillful and professional. My classmates are friendly and smart. I believe that I am able to find a good job and will use my study knowledge for society in the future.

De Jesus Genievee Matawaran (from Philippine)
Bachelor of Applied Management

The Lecturers and the modules help me a lot to improve my knowledge skills and presentation skills. The lectures are all approachable as it also motivates me to be more focus on my studies. That is why I never regret that I choose “NIM” as my further study.

Phor Manjeet Singh (from India)
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

I chose NIM for studying Tourism and Hospitality Management as it offers the industrial relevant software programs (Amadeus and Opera) in our modules. And NIM also arranges internship for the students at mainly 4* and 5* hotels in Singapore. I have made a right choice for my study!

Aung Nyein Chan
Trainee at The Japanese Association Singapore
Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Making a decision to switch my career pathway into Tourism and Hotel Industry is not so easy for me, without having both theory and practical knowledge from that area. 
That’s the reason, why I had decided to choose this program.
The staff and lecturers from NIM are very helpful. They gave me lots of encouragement during my difficult time while I almost gave up my study.
Because of their guidelines and helpful hands, I now have self-confidence and great ideas for my future plan to set up my own business in Tourism and Hotel Industry.
Thank you, Nanyang for everything.
JASMINE DO JEEVEN (from Singapore)
Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management
Trainee- Shangri La Hotel

In life , nothing comes easy . You either overcome your challenges or you allow it to break you . I am that girl that grew up without a mother's love . Can you imagine how hurting would that be ? But at least I had my father to call my own . I didn't have an happy childhood like all of the other kids . The moment when my dad passed away , was the moment where my whole life fell to rock bottom . I didn't concentrate, I just gave up !
But look at me now . Here I am , after all these years , finally achieved my theory from diploma and now on my internship at Shangri la. Something I never imagine would have happened . But it did .
All thanks to my school , Nanyang Institute of management, they are the reason why I am here today ! They are not just a school , but more to a family . They gave me the best school life , and everyone there is willing to go all the way out just for students like us .
So do make a great choice and join NIM. I promise you , you won't regret it . And lastly never give up . Go out , beat your obstacles and achieve your dreams . If I can do it , so can you . Love you all so much from Jasmine.

Testimonial From Kyaw Nandar Htun
Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

I chose to study Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management at NIM because it is giving me the chance to switch the career to the Tourism & Hospitality Industry and also let me have the better foundation to         progress a master's degree in the related field.
After studying the theory modules, school helped me arrange internship at Sheraton Towers Singapore. Now I am getting my training at Food & Beverage Department of the Hotel which give me lots of experience to start my own career in the future.
Thank You NIM for helping me to figure out my dreams.

Testimonial of Htun Nay Yi Win
Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Trainee  at  Carlton Hotel

I approached Nanyang Institute of Management because they have theoretical programme which include the industry attachment.
I faced a lot of difficulties when I started my course, for eg. I can’t present alone for the presentation and feel shy to talk in front of people. I lost my confidence and wanted to go back to my country but my new friends, lecturers and staffs from Nanyang, have encouraged and explained me how to try and what to do all the time.
As per their guidance, I have really tried my best and the result was I passed all the subjects without any supplementary. Now I have already started working at Carlton Hotel, Singapore for my Internship. I am changed, I’ve got confidence for my future.
One thing I like about Nanyang is that each of our lecturers and staff take care and encourage us  to have  self-confidence.
For everything thanks to my school, Nanyang Institute of Management, they are the reason why  I am here today. Great course. I learned many things during this course and I can already see improvement in my life.

Testimonial from Zaw Min Thant
Diploma in Construction Engineering  from Nanyang Institute of Management
(Fellowship Diploma from Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologist)
Architectural Drafter ( S pass Holder)
Kao Lee Aluminum Industrial Pte Ltd

I’ve chosen Nanyang’s construction engineering diploma, and from this I have gain my knowledge to step in the Industry. Now I am working as an Architectural Drafter at Singapore. I am sure our school has given the knowledge which will lead us to step in the Building and Construction Engineering Industry.

Thank you Nanyang and all my lecturers for everything.

Testimonial of Nay Nu Aye
Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Trainee at Marina Mandarin Hotel

I can’t believe I can have a chance to work at international 5 stars Hotel in my life. But my dream and wish come true because of Nanyang’s Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
The lecturers supported and guided me to have self-confidence. One thing I have learned for my life after I joined Nanyang is that if you are obedient and hardworking, you can achieve your goal in a short time.
Finally, I would like to say thank you so much to my school, my lecturers and my classmates who always help me and stay beside me whenever I need them. 
I am sure this is one of the best overseas study experiences in my life :)!

Thin Myat Noe – Trainee (Swissotel Merchant Court)
Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

I was worried about my internship because I’m afraid that I can't get Front office position at a good hotel, but now I can release because I got what I want to be. I am working at Swissotel Merchant Court as a Front Office Trainee.
Nowadays, hotel industries become more and more popular in our country, Myanmar. So in order to be a successful Hotelier in the future, we should know how international hotels are running and the procedures that they use in the industry.  Moreover, Tourism and hospitality management program is one of the interesting areas for me to explore as we have to learn how to communicate with people and how to handle the industrial relevant issue.
Attending this course at Nanyang Institute of Management was a wonderful time for me because I got a lot of knowledge about tourism and hospitality industry and then, I found that lecturers from NIM really helpful and kind-hearted. They help me whatever we need and give advices to us in any kind of situation. Last but not least, when I started working at overseas as a trainee, I found that was not an easy thing that I expected. Without the theory and knowledge from my study in Nanyang, I think I cannot be able to get the trainee position at 5 stars ranked International Hotel. So we should study hard, to find a good way for our career choice.

Cao Huu Phuc (Tony)
Bachelor of Hospitality (Management)
Service  Crew -(Tangs Plaza, Singapore)

When I first came to Singapore and joined NIM as a student, it was very difficult for me to adapt with everything. My English was too bad and it made me feel shy to talk with anyone. I've thought about quitting school and going back to my country all the time. After a while, I was encouraged by friends and lecturers of NIM. They showed me that I can do it and how to do it. I realized that I can learn a lot from them, my future was getting brighter, I've passed every module which I thought it was impossible to do and finally I've earned a degree in BOH (Bachelor of Hospitality (Management) awarded by FUA (Federation University Australia). Big lessons that I've been taught during student life are to learn good things from people around and to never give up.
As a result, I am now the only Vietnamese employee who has been offered full time position in Tangs Plaza Orchard Branch. I hope to work together with more graduates from NIM.
Not only in Singapore but also in every single area, if you are not trying hard, you will be left out. So, please don’t give up and keep trying best. NIM is the good place to grow your trials and trust me, you will gain somethings good for future in the end. Thanks to my school and especially thanks to all of my lecturers, NIM staffs and classmates. You all have made me who I am today and gave me an excellent unbreakable foundation for tomorrow.