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Approved Agent List

NIM works closely with Approved Agents from various countries to recruit students for studies in NIM. These agents have signed agreements with NIM and are bound by the contractual obligations and NIM code of practice. NIM also train the Agents on Pre-course Counselling to be able to advise prospective applicants on their course of studies.


Applicants who wish to know the list of Agents in their respective countries currently engaged to recruit students for NIM, click here.  To view the list of Agents that are no longer representing NIM to recruit students, click here.

Please note that some agents may collect a service fee(or agent commission) from students and beside this service fee, agents are not allowed to collect any other  course-related fee from students that are payable to NIM. This service fee(or agent commission) is declared in the Agency Agreement and it will be a breach of the contractual terms if students pay more than that is stated in the contract.