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Studying in Singapore

Singapore has established itself as a regional education centre with course offerings in many disciplines and industries. The education sector in Singapore is well regulated by the Committee for Private Education which certify all private schools.  All students will have a formal contract with the private schools and all fees are protected as required by law.  For more information on Committee for Private Education, you can visit their website at  Additional information on Singapore private education can also be found on the Ministry of Education website,

Singapore is a very cosmopolitan city with many amenities and place of interest.  There are also many housing options available to the student.  The public transport system is very extensive and includes public buses, trains and taxis. Medical facilities are very modern and readily available. The country is also one of the safest place to stay in Asia.

The following are some relevant Singapore laws.

  Relevant Law
Immigration All international students studying in Singapore must have a valid passport and Student Pass from the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoint Authority).
Employment International students are NOT allowed to work in Singapore without a Work Pass Exemption from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower).
Driving All drivers must be in possession of a valid Singapore driving license and vehicles must be insured.
Drugs Possession of Controlled Drugs is presumed to be for trafficking, an offence which can carry the death penalty.
Alcohol Abuse Any offence committed while being intoxicated (drunk) is punishable under the law.  Drunk driving is a serious offence.
Smoking Smoking in specific public places and indoor restaurants is prohibited.
Traffic Jay walking is an offence.
Littering Littering, spitting and vandalism (with graffiti) in public areas are serious offences.