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Our Vision, Mission, Values and Culture   

Our Vision:
To be a forward-looking premier education provider of market-relevant programmes  in the region.

Our Mission:
Delivering market-relevant programmes in a conducive and dynamic learning  environment that nurtures students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in   their chosen careers.


The "OPAL" Values   

The  is rare and precious, sought after and long-lasting, a thing of beauty and value,   an arbiter of good. The Opal symbolises for NIM all these attributes in its highest and figurative sense, representing for NIM and all its students and staff, sterling qualities that nurture and groom both individual and organisational into better entities, productive and contributory to their community, environment and themselves. The specific values that NIM especially hold dear are:

Objectivity:To be always totally objective in assessing situations, making judgments, setting goals,  inputting effort and making decisions and to always act in the interests of the company and its students.

Perseverance: To always pursue each and every endeavour to a fruitful conclusion,to not give up  in mid-stream and to be prepared to walk the extra mile.

Ambition: To have a core value of always wanting to do better and be better, to achieve significance and bring beneficence to all whom we are responsible for, including our wider, community as well as our charges, our family and friends, and even ourselves.

Learning: To cherish the value of learning, to learn how to learn, to learn each and every day and to never stop learning and to impart the value of learning to all whom we come across.


Student-Centric Culture  

At NIM, our motto is "Nurturing Today for Tomorrow". Our organisational culture is one of Student-Centric – with drivers of change for "Academic Excellence,"Nurturing the whole person" and "Teaching Excellence". There is a focus of all activities on the learning needs of students. The emphasis is on active learning with students being central to the management of key learning process.